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Is Your Energetic Environment Affecting You?

Is the Law of Attraction All There Is to Healing? For many years the trend in holistic healing has been to look at how our mind and emotions become a creative force in our lives. We see ourselves as a point of attraction and whatever is happening to us has something to do with how we are thinking or feeling. This approach can be very effective in some regards but it also has it’s limits. It’s true that our thoughts and feelings create an energetic frequency. It’s also true that this frequency is a creative force and can be a powerful tool in the law of attraction and healing, but not everything is about how we think and feel. There are factors beyond our personal egoistic identity. When we only view life through this narrow perspective, we risk becoming critical and judgmental of ourselves and others. I can’t even count how many times I’ve witnessed people apply this law of attraction concept in a detrimental way, saying things like, “You’ve brought this on yourself.” We Influence Our Environment and It Influences Us Let’s just put this into perspective. Of course our thoughts and feelings have a creative influence in our lives but we don’t live on this planet by ourselves. We live in a world of energy and even though we can powerfully and intentionally influence that collective energy, it also influences us. Think of a body with cancer—some cells are affected with cancer and others are not. The cancer creates enough of a health disruption that the person has to receive chemotherapy and radiation. All the cells, both the affected ones and the healthy ones receive the same treatment. While the affected cells are targeted for annihilation, healthy cells also risk being eradicated simply because they inhabit the same body. Is it fair to say that those healthy cells brought on this chaos and threat to their survival? It’s no different for human beings. It’s extremely egoistic to think that all of the chaos we experience as individuals is brought on by ourselves. We are all co-creators here and as much as we want to believe that we can create and control everything that happens to us, the reality is that other people’s energy affects us. Our power lies in realizing that we can choose our responses to the energy others present but nonetheless it’s not ALL within our control and it’s not all within our realm of responsibility either. Taking accountability for someone’s action of smacking you across the face, for instance, is simply not helpful and can actually keep both individuals stuck in an unhealthy dynamic. It’s always beneficial to reflect on what role you play in any dynamic but there are times when there is no wound to blame and it’s simply someone else’s stuff that has come into your reality to deal with. The same applies when it comes to the world of energy. When you’re being affected by the energy in your environment, it’s not always helpful to ask what unhealthy belief you have that attracted this difficult situation. It might be an experience that your spirit needs to evolve, or you may be a part of a larger energetic community that is collectively creating this experience. In either case, your thoughts, feelings and wounding will have minimal impact on why it came into your life or how to get rid of it . In these instances, you’re best off to identify that something outside of yourself is challenging to you and then you can decide how you want to respond to it. Your power lies in having the wisdom to see when you need to heal your wounds or re-frame your beliefs and when you need to be strategic in rising above a chaos that’s simply not yours but is affecting you. When Energies In Your Environment Affect You In a Disruptive or Harmful Way One of the telltale signs that you're dealing with energy that is not your own is that you will have no idea why you’re upset or agitated. Your thoughts should match your feelings. When you’re agitated because you’re fearful for a loved one who is sick, your thoughts are in sync with your feelings. When you arrive at the office in a great mood and suddenly feel anxious and exhausted, without any clue as to why, there’s a good chance you’re being affected by energy that is not yours. When there’s no logical explanation for why you’re feeling the way you do, 9 times out of 10, it’s because it’s not yours. Other Indications That You’re Being Influenced By Something Outside Yourself:

  • Not feeling like yourself or feeling really off without knowing why

  • Feeling like you’re getting sucked into or you’ve ‘caught’ someone else’s negativity

  • Noticing that your thoughts and emotions aren’t typically how you would think or feel

  • Feeling repulsed by your passions and interests

  • Waking up feeling like you're exhausted for no good reason

  • Waking up with such body pain that you feel like you've been beaten with a stick all night

  • Feeling chronic body pains or illness that had a sudden onset with no logical cause

If this happens to be the case for you, there’s no need to panic. You can learn how to protect and empower yourself from those energies in your environment that seem bigger and stronger than you. There’s always a way to rise above them and when you do, not only does your light shine brighter, but you give this gift to all of us. To learn how to rise above the negative energy around you, book a one on one consultation or register for the Weekend of Empowerment on October 20 & 21. For more information contact Dawn at

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