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Personal, Professional & Spiritual Mentoring

Dawn's sessions are a powerful combination of mentoring, energy healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping).


The biggest obstacle to healing is one's resistance to change. In order to heal a relationship, illness, or achieve any personal goals, one first needs to think and feel differently. Dawn helps gently release painful emotions, fear and trauma allowing individuals to shift out of old belief systems that no longer serve them while intuitively guiding them to higher truths. 

She offers a safe and non-judgmental forum and believes that personal growth and healing doesn't need to be an uncomfortable process. Some people say they have felt emotional pain and heaviness being drawn out of them while working with Dawn. 

Dawn believes that love is the antidote for all pain and that Light transmutes all darkness.

Your life purpose doesn't come with a job description, task list
or salary, but when you submit to that beautiful spark of light inside of you and allow it to lead the way into the unknown, you're living it..

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