Personal, Professional & Spiritual Mentoring

Dawn's sessions are a powerful combination of mentoring, energy healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping).


The biggest obstacle to healing is one's resistance to change. In order to heal a relationship, illness, or achieve any personal goals, one first needs to think and feel differently. Dawn helps gently release painful emotions, fear and trauma allowing individuals to shift out of old belief systems that no longer serve them while intuitively guiding them to higher truths. 

She offers a safe and non-judgmental forum and believes that personal growth and healing doesn't need to be an uncomfortable process. Some people say they have felt emotional pain and heaviness being drawn out of them while working with Dawn. 

Dawn believes that love is the antidote for all pain and that Light transmutes all darkness.

Group Mentoring Sessions


Group mentoring involves gathering together small groups of like-minded souls who will explore their inner worlds together. Participants will receive homework containing spiritual teachings and questions that facilitate deep self awareness and personal growth. Each group will come together once a month to create a sacred healing space filled with love and acceptance, sharing, connection and discussion under Dawn's guidance and mentoring. The group will be introduced to various tools, including EFT tapping, prayer and how to access the highest vibrations of energy to heal themselves.


10 sessions held once a month for 10 months, approximately 3 hours each session.

Module 1 is about creating a sacred space, building trust and understanding the basics of how healing works. We will lay the groundwork for how the body, mind and spirit interact together as one beautiful orchestra and then go beyond the elementary understanding of the law of attraction and discuss healing and manifestation from energetic perspective.  

Module 2 delves further into the body, mind, spirit connection. We will discuss the body and it’s messages, explore the functions of the mind and emotions and then learn how to identify and heal the obstacles they create using EFT Tapping.  

Module 3 focuses on the spiritual aspects of health and wellness. We look at the spirit and the Soul and what the journey from the head to the heart is all about.

Module 4 discusses our interconnectedness to others and the natural progression of spiritual development. We will also take some time to explore any specific issues the group is struggling with.

Module 5 focuses on dissolving the opposing polarities of dualism in order to find balance within ourselves and our relationships. We will explore the energetic power struggles underlying human conflict and learn how to create healthier relationship dynamics while empowering ourselves in Light.

Module 6 explores energy as a creative force that can be used for both destruction and rebirth. This segment touches on the true calling of an empath and teaches us how to navigate and alchemize psychic attacks and other lower vibration energies.

Module 7 is dedicated to healing the pains and betrayals of the heart. We will explore the most powerful tool to advance the soul, which is forgiveness. Will will learn how forgiveness works from an energetic perspective and how it can dismantle painful patterns that continue through generations and lifetimes.  

Module 8 explores the depths of the Guha Cava or cave of the heart, the mystical, multi-dimensional centre containing all time, space and realities. We will touch on ancestral trauma and how to heal the influences those elusive influences that still live within our DNA.

Module 9 is an unstructured session where we deal with stubborn problem areas or whatever topic the group decides upon.


Module 10 is about letting go of our old stories and patterns and embracing a new consciousness of Light, love and oneness.

“Your life purpose doesn't come with a job description, task list

or salary, but when you submit to that beautiful spark of light inside of you and allow it to lead the way into the unknown, you're living it..”


Each class is $100 plus tax.

Times and dates for each class will be determined based on the availability of the group. 
If a class is missed, a recording will be available.