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From Empath to Alchemist
Developing Your Inner Mystic: A Spiritual Mentoring Program

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“Remember the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.” –Rumi​

Even when we have an inkling that everything is energy, and that energy precedes matter, we still don’t really understand how our thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions affect our reality. We, often unknowingly, put more chaos than harmony into the world, and then we wonder why our lives are a mess and the state of the world is in shambles. We simply don’t know how to access the incredible power we have within us.

True spirituality is not a mental understanding of the consciousness that governs our universe, but rather an intimate knowing and experience of it. Mystics may receive insights into the sacred mysteries, bend the laws of nature, transcend our 3D reality or have moments of bliss.


Whether you’re interested in taking your personal growth to the next level or enhancing your abilities as a healer/light worker, this program takes you on a deep dive into spirituality and elevating your consciousness.

Tools to develop your inner mystic include: Self reflections, EFT Tapping, visualizations, Soul prayers, sacred listening, retreats into your inmost cave and more.

There's an abundance of unconditional love and light in this universe. The real question is, why can't we allow it in?

Module 1: Introduction to Energy

We need to understand the fundamental principles of energy healing before we can become masters of it. This module teaches how the body, mind and spirit interact together as one beautiful orchestra. It gives us important universal laws so we can effectively apply them to healing and manifesting. Lastly, we'll explore what this universal consciousness is and reflect on our relationship to it.

Module 2 – Ascension to Light 

We are powerful creators, but the choice is ours when it comes to how we use our power. This module discusses the difference between healing and harmful energies, and how to consciously change your energic environment for peace and wellness. 

Module 3: Our Divine Conflict
Spirituality always comes with Divine paradox—humans are in separate bodies, yet energetically and spiritually one. This module begins to explore the duality and conflict between the ego and Soul. We will work on releasing the limitations and wounding of the ego so we can align ourselves with the ease and flow of the Soul. This module will also demystify psychic attacks, curses, demons, and all the things that go bump in the night. (They're all just energy, and not as scary as you think.)


Module 4: Powerless, Powerful or Empowered?

The conflicts we face on planet earth have everything to do with an imbalance of power and our ability to balance our yin/yang (feminine/masculine) energies. In this module, we will explore human power dynamics and learn how to bring our personal power into balance so that we live from a more empowered and loving place.


Module 5: The Heart & It's Superpower

Healing the heart center is the most profound act of love, healing and transformation you can give to yourself, others and the world. A healthy heart center is also the key to developing spiritual immunity to lower vibration energies. You will learn how to raise your vibration easily by disconnecting your energies from unhealthy dynamics with others, which is what forgiveness really is. 

“Forgiveness is the most profound act of personal transformation in which you actually grasp I am ending a whole karmic cycle. Forgiveness is tied to healing and its tied to the Soul.” -Caroline Myss
Module 6
: Mystic Training & Soul Work Mystic training is not for the faint of heart and requires energetic upgrades to your body, mind and spirit. In this module we'll look at what the Dark Night of the Soul means and why it's required before we're able to access the most remarkable gifts of spirit. We'll also discuss the language of the Soul (visions, messages, spiritual symbolism), as well as soul agreements, missions, the soul's overall purpose and the importance of soul families. 

Module 7: Gifts of the Mystic
This module takes you on an inward journey into the Soul, also known as the Guhā Cava, or secret cave of the heart. It's the place where you're intimately connected to Light, unconditional love, the rich wisdom of the universe and even miracles.

Module 8: Multi-dimensional Energies

In this module we'll understand how to function and heal, beyond our three dimensional reality. You'll learn how to heal dark energies, generational pain, past lives, and even assist those souls who are stuck in a lower state of consciousness. We will touch on what happens to a person's spirit when it dies, and get a better understanding of the intricate nature of microcosms, macrocosms, and a holographic universe.

Module 9: Keys to Developing the Inner Mystic

The developing mystic needs different tools and wisdom at different stages of the journey. In this module, we'll look at the keys needed to unlock higher levels of consciousness. 

Module 10: Miracles

From reacting to your environment to proactively creating it. This module is based on the workshop, In the Light of Miracles, and discusses what it takes to manifest them.

"This was a magical journey of epic proportions."

–Sophie St. Pierre, Master EFT Practitioner & Trainer, Transformational Energy Healer

From Empath to Alchemist
Developing Your Inner Mystic:
Spiritual Mentoring Program

10 Modules, $100 per module, plus tax.

Classes are approximately 3 hours each, with time for self reflection and sharing.

Times and dates for each class will be determined based on the availability of the group. 
If a class is missed, a recording will be available.


"I was very hesitant to commit to a course this long, but this is not just a course, it's a life-changing journey that takes you deep into your soul and healing. Dawn will be your lighthouse, guiding you through the storms to ensure you don’t hit the rocks, as well as celebrating with you while you enjoy the sun and wind on your face when it's smooth sailing. Her expert knowledge, patience and loving guidance turn this course into an experience you will never forget." –Carrie, Ontario

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