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Mystical Truths of the Chakras  A Hero's Journey 

Whether you are experiencing a specific life-crises, are struggling with our challenging global landscape in general, or just want to elevate your consciousness as much as possible, this course takes you on a spiritual journey to find the prized elixir that brings peace to your Soul.
When crises hits, everybody needs a Hero to save them, and in this course, you are that Hero.
I will be your mentor and will guide you through the Hero’s journey, where you’ll learn to slay your dragons, uncover mystical truths hidden deep within your chakras, and practice the alchemy of transmuting darkness to light. On your quest, you will come upon the guha cava—the secret cave of your heart—where you will find refuge from the storm.

Each class will lead you further into healing, but more importantly, you'll strive to bring each chakra to the highest possible spiritual altitude.

By the end of the course, you will have the tools you need to find your way back home, bringing the hard-won elixir and all of its gifts of wisdom, true empowerment, love and peace, back to the Ordinary World.

5 classes (approximately 1 hour each)

Launch Price: $147 cdn, tax included

Regular Price: $227

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