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Empowerment Has Everything to Do With Healthy Relationships

Every relationship problem or conflict, when broken down to it’s roots, is essentially a power struggle. Whether we’re looking at relationship dynamics between family members, romantic partners or bosses and subordinates, healthy relationships have a balance of power. There is no victim or villain, right person and wrong person but rather, a mutual respect, consideration and acknowledgement that each person’s needs and desires matter. At the most fundamental level, struggles in relationships are a battle for whose needs and desires get to be more important. When we feel our needs and desires have not adequately been met by another person, we often feel used or taken for granted and we find ourselves ruminating, building resentments, and even arguing in attempt to prove that we've been treated unjustly. On the flip side, when we haven't lived up to other people's expectations of us, we can find ourselves plagued with guilt and self condemnation. It's as though other's expectations get injected right into our energetic fields and

we respond with guilt as though it's somehow our responsibility to make people happy. We all want the same things--to feel respected, appreciated and accepted for who we are--yet, sadly, many of us end up quitting jobs, leaving spouses and dropping friends because we are dissatisfied with our relationships. We long for intimate and loving connections, yet we have no idea how to build them. What most of us don’t understand is that empowerment has everything to do with building healthy and fulfilling relationships. On October 21 & 22, three wellness experts come together to host a Weekend of Empowerment. We will begin by learning what a healthy sense of empowerment looks like and then we'll set the bar for how we want to be treated. Once that framework has been established, we will work on ourselves until we align with what we desire. Next, we will learn what is happening behind the scenes on an energetic level. If we could see the energetic dynamics between ourselves and people around us we would truly be shocked by the exchanges we have and how energetic connections can be draining, intrusive and even keep us stuck and unable to move forward. We’ll understand the power of our words but also how the energy behind our words counts for even more. By the time the weekend is complete, we’ll understand where we’re leaking power and how to manage our energy to create healthier and more loving relationships. There is no doubt that learning to empower ourselves makes for more fulfilling relationships, shows us how to live our lives with impact and helps bring harmony into the world.

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