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Tapping into Your Success
Heart-Centered Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

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“My sales for this year have already increased by 50% in just three weeks.” 

–J.B, realtor​

"Dawn is amazing! My business has doubled in two days after this workshop. I've already surpassed one of my goals for the first time ever and I'm one sale away from hitting my next rank!"  –Amy R. entrepeneur

  • Do you have dreams and aspirations that you can't quite bring to fruition?


  • Are you struggling to raise the ceiling on your level of success?


  • Are you feeling stuck, lack confidence, or feel lost when it comes to making things happen?

Success with any endeavour begins inside of you, not with the world outside of you. You can do all the right things, be as optimistic as you want, and still not achieve success! Sometimes we need to clear the obvious fears and insecurities, but sometimes we're unaware of what our obstacles are.


Learn powerful tools for clearing and healing, such as EFT Tapping,

light visualizations and the Ho'oponopono prayer.


You'll receive energy healing from Dawn

on each call.

A spiritual journey is when you kick your ego to the backseat of the car and give your Soul the keys.

Tapping into Your Success
Heart-Centered Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

One class per month $65, tax incl.
Two classes per month, $100 cdn.

Starting Wednesday, Sept. 14
7 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. EST

(Start or cancel any time.)



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