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The Coronavirus: A Catalyst to Our Spiritual Evolution

I was asking myself last night, “What is this Coronavirus really about?” I’ve been helping people heal—body, mind and spirit—for years, and if I've learned anything about healing, it’s that one needs to get to the root of the problem in order to heal it. For instance, the fear of public speaking at its core is about the need for deep self acceptance. An auto-immune system issue, might have roots in a genetic story of not feeling safe that has passed through the family line. When it comes to a pandemic, we need to search for the roots of the problem at a global village level. We need to ask the question, “What does humanity need to heal here?” The stark truth is that if we don’t figure out what needs healing—and then heal it—a bigger problem will arise. The universe has a way of turning up the volume until we can’t help but hear the message that something isn’t working. What Is the Spiritual Meaning of This Pandemic? As I thought intently about this global crises and what it means from a body, mind and spirit perspective, I noticed a few things. The virus predominately attacks the lungs, which is associated with the emotion of grief in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is also the area of the 4th chakra which, in a healthy state, represents love and oneness; connection to all life, and again, a feeling of grief when the heart is closed and disconnected from others. Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote in August 2019, called, Chakras: A Look at Our Evolution in Consciousness. Notice the interesting correlations between what’s happening with the Coronavirus, our self isolation, and our need to work together as one united body to mitigate the effects of mass infection. "We are on an exciting threshold of stepping into a totally different consciousness. If the first three chakras deal with our physical existence and the last three chakras deal with our celestial existence; the heart chakra is the bridge between the two. The wounds of the 4th chakra look like loneliness, isolation and a complete disconnect from love, but the healthy state of the 4th chakra represent the most beautiful feeling of oneness with all life. The heart chakra more than any other, gets that we are all in this together. Your energy field bleeds into my energy field and the energy of your thoughts become part of the same collective consciousness as my thoughts. It’s this inter-connectedness that’s precisely what has left many Empaths complaining. They feel everything from everyone and haven’t yet learned to navigate this sensitivity from a 4th chakra consciousness—a love consciousness." A Deep Spiritual Truth One of the deepest spiritual truths is that we are all one. We are all part of the same life force energy that is in every living thing. What you do affects me and what I do affects you, however, this isn't straight forward as it looks. Spirituality is always a paradox. What one sees on the surface is not necessarily how it is beneath the surface when looking at it energetically. In every situation, one needs to consider the intentions of the situation, because energy always precedes the physical manifestation.

We all affect each other, including every life form on earth. We are playing out this lesson in a big way right now with this pandemic.

Similarly, if your liver refused to work with your kidneys, you’d have a big problem and so it is with our world right now. Notice how when we only look out for our self interests (3rd chakra) without considering the effects on others, the problem gets bigger. People behave in these less than desirable ways when they need healing—healing from their fear, pain, trauma and insecurities. This is what disconnects us from our hearts. In many ways as a global population, we are still in the unhealed realm of the 4th chakra, and at the same time, we can see signs of love and connectedness taking place. The Ushering in of a New Consciousness We are all part of one global ecosystem that works together and we cannot remain healthy when our planet is not. Whether we like it or not, we are being ushered into a new consciousness. We can go peacefully or we can resist the change and personal growth that’s being required of us to enter this new age, but a new consciousness is coming either way. Some of us will lead the way by healing ourselves and opening our hearts first. This doesn’t mean we’re better than anyone else, but it does mean that it’s our calling to help, to love and to lay a foundation so that other’s can heal and find their way. The good news is, if you’ve taken the time to read this, I smile because it means you are ready to embark on a new journey. A journey that humans have never traveled before—one of opening our hearts to a new consciousness of love and unity. As we step out onto that bridge, it’s not going to be easy. We will be faced with our deepest fears and the darkest parts of ourselves; we will be tried and tested with personal storms and global ones, and we will learn who we are and who we choose to be. One of the secrets to managing this new and arduous terrain is to come together to help each other heal. Together we find strength, comfort and love. There are simple things you can do to heal:

  1. Check out the light visualization for Calm and Healing for the Coronavirus.

  2. Book an online session if you’re needing guidance and healing. (To pay what you can, use code: PWYC in the messages when booking. Valid until Apr. 10, 2020)

  3. Organize a video conference with your friends so you can love and support each other. If you need help with this, you can also book me to guide your group for a love offering.

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