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Making Energy Healing Work

Using energy healing to facilitate physical healing is both a simple process and a very complex one. It’s become common knowledge that even the smallest particles of matter are actually waves of energy. We also know that thoughts, feelings and intentions carry electromagnetic charges as well. When we connect the dots, its pretty obvious that one impacts the other. When it comes to energy healing, including modalities such as Reiki, BodyTalk or even yoga, there are a few things one needs to understand to maximize the healing that occurs.

The Ability to Allow Change

It’s one thing to be open minded enough to believe that energy healing such as Reiki can help, but it’s another matter entirely to be open to allowing change to happen in one’s life. Real healing means change to physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. It means letting go of entrenched thought patterns, pain and resentments and ideologies about life that don’t serve the individual’s highest good. This can be very difficult for many people because these mental functions become part of a person's identity.

Time and time again, client’s tell me, “If I let this go, then who will I be?” The reality is that real healing creates change. It changes one’s relationships, self esteem, the way one thinks and can even change the way one’s body functions, reducing or eliminating pain or illness. Everyone wants their physical ailments to go away but how many people are willing to give up their old self and their old ways to get it?

Healing the Body Takes Consistent Effort

As much as we would like a magic pill to make our problems vanish, it simply doesn’t work that way. Even drugs have side effects and energy healing takes genuine desire and effort.

According to most trains of thought in natural medicine, our bodies are made up of a complex system of energy patterns. For example, acupuncture is based on re-aligning the energy pathways that feed our organs. When the energy pathway becomes disrupted and ceases to flow in a harmonious manner, the physical body will start to show indications of this through pain or illness.

When using energy healing, we want to restore that energetic flow to a harmonious state. When it comes to a minor disruption such as a headache, it’s easier to bring the body’s energies back to a harmonious state. However, unhealthy energy patterns that have been around for a long time are like bad habits that are hard to break. In some cases, its possible to have a spontaneous healing but most of us don’t let go of old habits that easily. Spontaneous healing requires a person to embrace a whole new way of being, and this can be difficult and overwhelming to do all in one shot. After all, we have the energetic patterns we have for a good reason. At some point they served us, but that doesn’t mean they are still serving us today.

There are many factors when considering what has created an energetic disruption/pain or illness, in the first place. When I’m working with someone, I look at the body as a message centre that is telling an energetic story. The story may include many complexities:

An Unruly Mind

Thoughts that create negative emotions such as, “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m unlovable,” are like tiny blasts of chaotic energy that disrupt the body’s energy field. When we create enough chaos with our unruly thinking, we will be sure to feel the stress of it in our bodies. Many times these beliefs are so deeply ingrained that we hardly notice when we're thinking them.

Painful Experiences

I remember taking a workshop years ago from an old Irish priest named Father Murray. He said over and over again, “Every experience you ever live is written in your body.”

Even when we have long forgotten our painful experiences, our bodies have not. Painful experiences need to be processed properly, otherwise they get lodged in our energetic fields creating disruptions. I frequently see this with first responders. They accumulate small bits of trauma over time. When we work to release these, “bad calls that don’t leave your head,” they’re always surprised at how much lighter they feel afterwards. The thing with energy is that its subtle and we rarely have conscious awareness of the subtle shifts that occur in our energy field. By the time we notice, we usually have a bigger problem like anxiety, depression, pain or illness.

Energetic Interference from Others

What most people don’t realize is how much other people’s energy interacts with our own. We’re all playing on the same playground called Earth and its inevitable that other people’s energies will affect you and your energies will affect them. This is especially true when it comes to intentions. Intentions are verbs in the world of energy. For instance, if someone has been physically or emotionally abused, it’s not just the beating that takes a toll on the body, mind/emotions, it also takes a toll on the person’s energy field. Blame, rage, or even trying to control another against their free will, are like little energetic rockets being thrust into the energy field of the recipient. It’s possible to ward these off but for most of us, it’s extremely difficult and takes a very solid sense of being to remain unaffected. These little globs of energy create disruptions within the recipient. It’s as though the recipient has been injected with an energetic virus that is programmed for chaos.

Things like this can be healed, not just on a mental/emotional level but on an energetic/spiritual level. Here's an analogy to describe the difference - mentally you may tell yourself you're lovable and even convince yourself that this is absolutely true, but then you consistently choose partners that aren't good for you or choose jobs that make you miserable. When you energetically know you are lovable your choices reflect it.

Energetic Stories from Our Ancestors

How many times have we heard statements like, “He’s just like his grampa?” Its quite irrelevant if the two relatives had ever met. Predispositions to character traits and certain types of illnesses often pass through the genetic line. Sometimes we embody old energetic stories of dysfunction and pain that bleed over into our lives through our genes. These old stories can be energetically re-written so that we can create a better future for ourselves and others.

Energy Healing Is Simple

As complex as healing gets, it can be broken down very simply. When there is disrupted and chaotic energy, we simply need to bring in a very high vibration of energy to balance and harmonize it. There are some very simple ways to do this to get results.

If you’re interested in learning more about how energy healing works, Reiki training is a great foundation. For more information click the Reiki links below or contact Dawn at

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