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The Energy We Emit Shapes the World

If we could only see energy, we’d be absolutely stunned by the infinitesimal exchanges that go on between us. As technology becomes more advanced in its ability to measure energy, humans also evolve with heightened abilities to perceive it. We are far beyond this idea that if you can’t see it or touch it, it’s not real. Even emotions can now be measured using radio waves.

Our Energetic Evolution

There seems to be more mediums, empaths and energy healers in the world now than there has ever been. Also, according to various healers, our aura colours are changing. This indicates that we are transitioning to a higher energetic frequency. Elderly have colours that have become obsolete whereas children are showing up with colours that we’ve never seen before. This bears witness to the evolution of mankind. Our global village is in a time of great flux, but just because we’re evolving in some ways doesn’t mean things are getting better.

Navigating This Time of Change

There are some important things we need to know to help us navigate this time of change. First or all, our thoughts, feelings and intentions generate energies. Therefore, when we have unkind thoughts or ill intentions, the energy created from these thoughts and intentions are incredibly disruptive to us personally, to others and the world around us.

Moreover, these energies that we create through our mental processes don’t stay dormant. All energy is intelligent. It can be compared to a virus which doesn’t have a mind or personality and yet it knows exactly how to create a certain type of chaos in its human host because it’s programmed to do so. Similarly, our thoughts, feelings and intentions are programmed energies generated by the mind. They also affect their environment.

Can This Be Science?

Let’s look at it from a scientific perspective. Basic science tells us that the particles of matter that make up a physical body are comprised of microscopic waves of energy. It only stands to reason then that the energy we generate from our thoughts, feelings and intentions must have a very physical impact on us as well. Einstein, with his Special Relativity theory was the first to show us mathematically that all energy precedes physical matter but maybe the ancients already knew and perceived this.

Ancient Beliefs vs Current Understanding

The evil eye is a well-known belief in many cultures. A malevolent glare has been thought to cause misfortune for centuries. It is believed in these cultures that negative emotions, such as anger or envy, somehow affect the recipient causing them to experience physical ailments or bad luck. Modern day intuitives now describe this as a psychic attack but essentially, they are both describing the cause and effect of thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Intentions Are Verbs

Of course, not all thoughts and feelings have an ominous effect on others, but when thoughts and feelings become negative intentions they are set in motion. Ill wishes or blame are energetically projected and they have the potential to wreak havoc in people’s lives. Envy, for example, may not just be a feeling of, “I wish I had that,” it may be, “I wish I had that and I wish you didn’t!” This has now become an intention set in motion, or an energy that has been programmed to create disruption and disharmony. It quite literally gets projected towards the recipient like a tiny energetic rocket.

In my own life I have learned this truth the hard way. Shortly after I moved in with my partner, I began to smell a very offensive smell like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. I deemed it, “the sick smell,” because every time I would start complaining about this smell, my partner and I would get sick. Shortly after our recovery, it would come back again. This went on for months before I realized that if I could smell this as though it was a tangible thing then I could also direct healing at it. It worked and I would send it on its way without anyone catching a cold but it would always come back. Finally, my question changed from, “Where is this energy coming from?” to, “Who is this coming from?” It was only then that I realized that I was smelling an energy of envy right before it created chaos in my life. Once I fully understood what was happening, I was able to send healing to remove it permanently.

Demons Are a Creation of Our Minds

It is interesting to note that these energies programmed with ill will, along with the pain and suffering they create, are referred to in the ancient texts as demons and were sometimes cast out by healers of the time.

However, there are no boogeymen or monsters lurking under the bed like horror movies lead us to think. The energy that actually causes the scary occurrences—our demons and monsters—is created by humans. These energies can be created by individuals and other times they involve a complex story of fear, pain, despair and intentions of harm that are passed from one person to the next or even one generation to the next. Intentions that are void of love are the ones that feel spooky and raise the hair on the back of your neck, alerting you to a potential for incoming harm. They are the energies of pain and suffering like, for example, in the historical concentration camps, that leave you feeling haunted for days after a visit.

Our Little Choices Make a Big Impact

Every intention has an energetic charge that creates cause and effect—either in a loving way or not so loving one. When intentions are loving in nature, we emit frequencies of harmony and healing. When they are void of love, we’re emitting harmful and disruptive energies. The little choices that we make every day to love or not to love have a big impact on us as individuals as well as other people in the world around us—much bigger than we realize. The blame and envy we project or the complete lack of consideration as to how we affect others hurts us all more than we can imagine. We are all intricately linked to each other through an energetic matrix.

The implications of this understanding are huge. It changes how we heal as individuals and it gives us a glimpse of what needs to happen in order to create a harmonious world. It is not only possible to radically shift where we are at, personally and globally but it is easier than we realize because energy always precedes matter.

If things aren’t going so well in your life, perhaps it’s time to learn how to clean up the energy within you as well as in your immediate environment. You can even learn how to develop spiritual immunity to the negative energies around you.

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