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Stop, Drop & Roll: How to Stop a Psychic Attack

What Is a Psychic Attack?

A psychic attack isn’t as far out there or as scary as it sounds. Quite simply, it is an unwanted and uncomfortable energetic exchange with someone. Science tells us that everything is made up of energy, including us. Scientists can even measure emotions using radio frequencies so it has become common knowledge that our thoughts, feelings and intentions carry an energetic charge that can be felt. Things like envy and blame are like little energetic torpedoes that are directed toward and felt by that recipient. Essentially this is what a psychic attack is and it happens more frequently than most people realize.

Whether we like it or not, the reality is that we are influenced by our energetic environment. Negative intentions directed towards us can create challenges without us having any clue as to why chaos has suddenly showed up in our lives. Here’s a few real-life examples of psychic attacks that I’ve helped clients overcome:

  • An individual experiencing sudden and inexplicable shoulder pain after mentioning to friends plans to train as a wellness instructor in an exotic country.

  • An employee experiencing complete inner turmoil and irrational insecurity after (and not before) co-workers learned of her promotion.

Developing Immunity to Psychic Attacks

Not surprisingly, the more personal growth we do and the healthier sense of self we have, the less influence a psychic attack will have over us, but this is not the only factor that counts. The more empathic and sensitive to energy we become, the more prone to psychic attacks we are. Most importantly, the more love and light we are able to embody the greater our immunity to psychic attacks. While in this messy process of life filled with growing pains, this Stop Drop & Roll method can be very helpful in neutralizing a psychic attack.

Stop, Drop & Roll – Step 1:

The first step to dealing with a psychic attack is to stop and become aware. Identifying a psychic attack requires a certain level of awareness to even realize there’s something amiss. Being influenced by someone else’s energy doesn’t feel emotionally or physically different than normal emotions or body aches. The key is to identify if you are the source of your discomfort or if its coming from somewhere else. Identify a psychic attack by noticing when something seems out of character for you. For instance, in the case of the individual suffering irrational insecurity in her abilities after receiving a promotion. She didn’t have those insecurities upon receiving the new job but only felt the chaos when co-workers learned of the promotion and continued to send envy, anger and criticisms toward her on a daily basis.

Stop, Drop & Roll – Step 2: Drop & Accept

The second step is to drop. As soon as you become aware that something is amiss, then the challenge is to accept it rather than trying to change it. For instance, when someone’s ego is feeling threatened by something you’re saying or doing, they may not have the awareness or ability yet to take accountability for their feelings of discomfort. At that point, you may just get lambasted with an energetic attack. Their fear, guilt or sense of inadequacy will become your fault and when it does, this uninvited energy is now something that has entered your personal arena. You have no choice but to deal with it or allow it to deal with you.

This is what the spiritualists mean when they say, “We are all one,” because everything you or I think or do will create an energetic motion that will affect everyone else and every living thing. We simply can’t escape this truth. The difficulty comes in when someone’s affecting you in an uncomfortable way as in the case of a psychic attack. It’s human nature to want to push back, defend yourself and somehow make them stop… but the push back will only feed negativity. When someone is immersed in their pain or fear, you are not going to force or rationalize it out of them. Instead, relax into the ugly feelings it brings up in you just for the moment. Be still and consider how this situation could affect you and then let it all go. Whoever is throwing crap your way—leaving you scrambled, upset and not on your A game—is creating a challenge for you to step up to the next level of spiritual growth. Accept that you can’t change how they think or feel and you can’t control the outcomes of their reactions either. You don’t have to like the situation and as soon as you can accept the fact that you have no control over someone else or the energetic debris they project towards you, you’re on your way to step 3.

Stop, Drop & Roll – Step 3: Roll & Neutralize

From this altitude, once you’ve managed to accept the situation, the key to neutralizing a psychic attack is to direct unconditional love toward the problem. The old saying, “Love heals,” is true. Unconditional love is the highest vibration of energy and its with this vibration that unharmonious energies are brought back into balance. There are some specific ways you can learn to neutralize energies of pain, blame, envy and fear.

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