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Is It All in Your Head or Is It in Your Energy Field?

"It’s all in your head."

"You’ve created this illness with your negative thinking."

"You’ve attracted this problem as a mirror of your own brokenness."

There’s a common belief among healing practitioners that people manifest challenges and illness because of their negative thinking. Although there is merit to aligning our thinking with truth, this alone does not have the ability to completely heal someone’s sick or injured body and nor does it have the ability to manifest a perfect life without challenge.

There Are 3 Components to Wellness

There are three components to be considered when looking at wellness from a holistic perspective. These are often referred to as body, mind and spirit, but when it comes to healing, the order of importance is spirit, mind and body. To be clear, spirit is energy and the terms will be used interchangeably in this article. Energy comes before matter—our bodies being the densest and slowest moving energy, our minds being a faster moving non-physical energy and our spirits being the fastest vibration of energy that trumps all the rest. It’s at this level that people can sometimes defy scientific understanding and create what’s known as a miracle, but human beings rarely work at this level, let alone understand it.

The Spirit Is the Master of the Mind & Body

Spiritual energy influences the mind and body more powerfully than the mind and body influence the spirit. For instance, if you have a belief that isn't in alignment with spiritual truth, you will experience emotional pain as a result of that belief. If you're body is filled with enough emotional pain, it might just respond with illness, but here's the caveat. Spiritual energy also includes all of the energy around you that you didn't create. We'll get to this in a minute but first let me say that most contemporary healing puts too heavy of an emphasis on the power of the mind or body. Let’s make up a hypothetical scenario to illustrate my point. Say you are someone who is very sensitive to the energy around you. You have a falling out with someone close to you. It could be a business partner, spouse or even a friend. The relationship ruptures and you decide to go your separate ways. Meanwhile, the other person is projecting a pile of anger and blame towards you. As you get lambasted with negative energy, you start to feel anxious and begin to believe that you’re stupid and incompetent. Your body also responds to this incoming negative energy and you begin to experience back pain. At this point in time you go to a doctor but they can’t find the cause for your back problem. You’re told that it’s all in your head so you seek out counselling. The therapist helps you address your feelings of inadequacy but you still struggle with back pain. Finally, you seek out a spiritual healer who tells you that you’ve brought this on yourself and it’s a mirror of your own brokenness.

It's More About Your Energy Than Your Thinking

In actual fact, the problem resides in your energy. The anger and blame being aggressively projected toward you are like little energetic missiles getting lodged in your energy field. Your brain is processing this energetic data and forming beliefs that you’re stupid and incompetent while your body responds with pain. You didn’t manifest this with your pessimistic thinking anymore than a whale manifested it’s death by mistakenly eating several pounds of plastic.

We Co-create the Energetic Landscape Together

Our minds and bodies are like instruments that measure what’s happening energetically. They measure both the energy we create and they also respond to the energy that others create. This is what the spiritualists mean when they say, “We are all one,” because energetically—spiritually—we’re all connected. This means that the energy I generate will affect you and the energy you generate will affect me. Unfortunately, the physical result of our creation might even affect the innocent whale. We can’t escape this as part of our reality and it becomes very complex when we try and point the finger to exactly who and what caused the issue we’re experiencing.

Comments like, it’s all in your head, you’ve brought this on yourself, this is a mirror of your own brokenness seem unnecessarily judgmental and simplistic, but they do acknowledge some understanding that there is more to the challenge or illness than meets the eye. Sometimes it’s true that you can have what I call an attraction point, which is an energy you’ve absorbed from some experience you’ve lived that draws more of the same to you, but other times you’re living in real time experiencing the energetic landscape that we are co-creating together. Whether it’s of your own creation or someone else’s is not really the concern. There’s no need for blame, shame or judge but there is a need for everyone to learn how to better manage their own personal energy field.

Our Bodies & Minds Are Message Centres That Respond to Spirit

Everything has a divine order and happens for a reason but our individual minds simply cannot take credit for this. What is true is that our minds and bodies give us messages as indicators of what is going on spiritually and energetically. We can pay attention to these messages and learn how to direct energy to create healing and mitigate challenges. We can even direct energy to encourage healing in others and for our planet. All of our energy is creative and in every moment we are either consciously or unconsciously generating energy that supports health, growth and harmony or chaos, destruction and pain… and so is everyone else. We can’t control how others live but spiritually we have more power than we think to navigate our way through the energetic landscape in which we live.

We Can Learn to Manage Our Energy to Mitigate Challenges

For more information about how to manage your energy field and navigate the challenging energetic landscape we live in, please stay tuned for upcoming workshops or book a one on one healing session. After all, the greatest gift we can give, is the gift of our own healing and if we could see energy, we’d know that its ripple effect is far reaching.

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