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What If We Could Measure Love?

Most of us think we are pretty decent people, but what if we could actually measure how loving we are? How would we really fair? This may sound far fetched but it’s really not that far from our cutting-edge science. As a holistic mentor and practitioner, I always seek to understand things at an energetic level. According to Einstein’s mathematical formula, we can say with some confidence that all matter is energy and, in fact, everything is energy including our thoughts and feelings. Thanks to technology, we even have the ability to read emotions using radio frequencies. If we took this one step further, we could probably read that energy of love using the same radio frequencies. When I talk about assessing love, I actually mean the “unconditional love factor” that is not based on our actions but on the high vibration of loving energy we emit when we offer kindness without any conditions attached. After all, actions can be deceiving but energy never lies and true intentions can’t be concealed when it comes to the world of energy. For instance, I can behave kindly out of obligation or because I want something in return, but I can also behave kindly without having any under-lying motivations. Both may appear to be loving but only the later has a loving energy to go with it.

Think of a number line. On the extreme left side, is a negative number, there’s absolutely no love there. This is where wishing someone harm or feeling extreme pain or fear would reside. On the extreme right, sits a positive number. This would be unconditional love. Now imagine that every thought you think and every feeling you feel is a reflection of how much love you embody. Worry, insecurities, criticisms, blame, pain and suffering all fall on the negative side of the number line. On the positive side of the number line is where faith, generosity, consideration for others, peace, joy and unconditional love reside. If you were to keep score for a day, would you be generating more angst and pain-filled energy or peace, love and harmony? I’ve asked myself this question many times over the holiday season. Some days I fair better than others. When I’m at the beginning of a new challenge (a job change, loss of a family member, or the ending of a relationship), I’m often generating more negativity and chaos than positive energy, but eventually I learn to rise above in love and I no longer experience chaos and pain. I suspect we’re all this way. Some days are bad. Other days we find ourselves hovering somewhere around neutral and then there are those cherished moments where our hearts are over flowing with love and bursting at the seems with joy. It’s this energy that generates love and healing. Let me explain further. Everything in our world is made up of energy and everything in our world has what science refers to as an electromagnetic field. We also have an electromagnetic or energetic field around us which is commonly referred to as an aura. There are no walls and locked doors around our energy fields and it tends to blend with the fields around us. We can’t help but influence the energetic world around us and we also can’t help but get influenced by it. This is what is meant by the spiritual concept, “We are all one.” Nothing we do is in isolation. In the world of energy, it all counts—every action, thought and feeling, all the personal growth we do to clear out the garbage so that we embody more love, or the lack of effort we put in—all of it brings more love into the world or more pain. Now back to my original question. If you assess yourself based on how much love you bring into the world, how well do you fair? I’m not nearly as loving as I thought I was! And yet I say this with a smile on my face and a ton of compassion for myself. We are all a mess and besides, to judge or shame myself would mean that I’m back on the negative side of the number line. Also, if I judge myself, my subtext is saying that, “I should be better,” so any attempt at being more loving is now from obligation rather than a free choice. I’d much rather laugh at the mess that I am—that we all are—and pursue love because I want to, not because I should. I could go on for hours about what happens energetically when we embody more love and how it heals: our personal energetic fields, relationship dynamics and our planet. The ripple effects of our most insignificant actions along with our thoughts and feelings matter more than most people ever realize. The proverbial saying, “love heals,” is truer than we can imagine. If you’re interested in learning more about how to embody more love and to make joy and peace more of a constant in your life, please consider joining me in the upcoming workshop, The Alchemy of Love: Understanding the Energy of Love for Transformation.

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