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Have We Made Spirituality a Convenience of the Ego?

Have We Made Spirituality a Convenience of Our Egos? I’ve always been attracted to spirituality and it has always been important to me to be a loving person, but somewhere along the line, I feel like I’ve missed the mark. Working as a holistic mentor for many years now, I feel like I got caught up in a trendy version of spirituality that serves the ego a little more than it serves the soul. The meaning of spirituality isn’t about the law of attraction so we can have whatever we want, nor is it about removing our inner blocks in order to create a business making a 6-figure income. It’s not even about trying to crack the mystery of what our life purpose is. The true meaning of spirituality is to bring love into the world. It’s not that removing our blocks or using a positive mind set to create our own destiny isn’t useful, but if our aspirations to get what we want are a higher priority than bringing love into the world, than we’ve missed the mark. When we remove our blocks with a focus on wealth rather than removing our blocks to become a clearer channel of love and healing, again, we’re off target. We’ve made spirituality more about ourselves than about the good of all of us together and if you want to see proof of this just turn on the news. The Soul Trumps Our Human Need to Control The law of attraction is about getting what we want out of life rather than embodying love. It tells us we are in complete control of our destiny and anything that happens to us is of our own making. It’s a nice thought—that we get to control whatever happens to us—but it’s not an accurate one. We’ve forgotten that there are other co-creators on this planet and that everything we do affects everyone else. Given this truth, we might want to be a little more conscious of what we are trying to create. We’ve also forgotten that sometimes the soul has a different agenda than the human ego and the soul agenda trumps any human desire to control our destiny. Let’s put this into perspective. I am not the only person on this planet and to act as though I can have whatever I want and all of you are going to bend to Dawn’s will because I put out some positive vibes is actually pretty narcissistic. But what happens if I change my focus slightly and begin to focus on bringing love into the world instead? Now when I aspire for good things, I’m aspiring for the good of us, not just me. Who would you rather receive mentoring or healing from, the Dawn who’s priority is a 6-figure income and can travel to any destination she’d like, or the Dawn who deeply cares about your well being? The inconvenient reality is, if everyone was attracting the 6-figure income, flying all over the place without constraint and consuming excessively until our global resources are completely depleted and our air and water are toxic, no one would be in a very good place and that’s exactly where we’re headed. What ever happened to a simple life filled with joy and peace? There is something missing in our contemporary spirituality and it’s the basic consideration of how our actions affect others. Essentially, this is love. Love Is More Effective Than the Law of Attraction Interestingly, focusing on bringing love into the world is even more effective than the law of attraction because it opens our connection to that unlimited source of love and light, which some people refer to as God, and it inadvertently places us right into the flow of abundance. Living Our Life Purpose Isn't as Hard as We Make It Finally, living a life purpose isn’t as hard as we make it once we get past our egoistic expectations of how grand it should look. In fact, it’s harder to not live your life purpose than to live it. Your life purpose is about using your innate gifts to bring love into the world. If you have a gift for being funny, then bring a smile to someone’s face, if you have a gift for music, touch someone’s soul in your expression of it, if you have a gift for organizing things or uplifting people then bring these gifts into everything you do. We almost can’t help but do this. The real question is to what degree are we willing to do this with love as our focus? Do the best job you can, even when it’s a job that you don’t really like, because everything you do or neglect to do has an impact on everyone else. For instance, do you offer great service to the recipients of your work? Think of the impact you have on those people’s lives. Did you add stress to their day or make it easier for them? Don’t discard these little things as insignificant. Your choice to bring love into the world in the smallest way, or your choice to snuff it out and think only of your own comfort, might just be the thing that made someone’s day or reinforced for them that the world is a miserable place. When we have a community of people neglecting to consider others, we have a lot of little stressors all day long that make it even more challenging to maintain a loving energy on the planet. Once you get really good at using your gifts to bring love into the world, only then is it possible to say, “Yes” to living your soul’s passions and your life purpose in a bigger way. If you’ve been applying the law of attraction, working diligently through your blocks and wondering why you’re still no farther ahead, perhaps your focal point needs to be adjusted. After all, love is both healing and abundant and there is no higher vibration that can be applied to erase any problem. We Are Incredibly Powerful Beings Who Create--Together Most people understand the spiritual truth that we are all one—that each of our energy fields connects to the greater whole but most of us aren’t very good at living it. Every seemingly insignificant choice we make, impacts all of us, including our earth, climate and every living thing on this planet. This means that we are incredibly powerful beings so let’s use our power responsibly because we are all accountable for creating the state of our world. Finally, living this truth that we are all one—by bringing love into the world—is the true meaning of spirituality. As we head into the New Year, let’s adjust our focus so that we’re living and loving with impact.

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