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What Does a Plant Have to Do with Personal Development?

A plant is either growing or dying, there is no neutral setting where it just exists in life without forward or backward momentum. If it’s not sprouting new foliage, branches or roots, then it’s only other option is to dry up and perish. We too are like the plant—either supporting new life within ourselves or shriveling up and dying inside.

Life is filled with challenges—sometimes really hard challenges that have the power to sweep a person under or slowly and subtly erode one’s optimism and passion for living. How many of us struggle, trying not to be consumed with bitterness, anxiety, or utter exhaustion? How many times have we promised ourselves we won't become those crotchety people who are old and tired at heart? And how many times have we been delighted by those youthful happy spirits who are filled with light no matter how many decades of pain and suffering they’ve seen and experienced? These are the people who have made it a practice to channel light. They know how to take the darkness and challenges of life and transform it into something better. They don’t do this by thinking positively, but rather, they know how to raise their energetic vibration despite the storm going on around them. Essentially this is what healing is.

Reiki invites us into this process of personal development and healing. The act of becoming a practitioner immediately raises the energetic vibration of the student and every time they practice the healing art of Reiki, they allow more light to be channeled through them. Reiki isn’t just about putting your hands on someone to encourage healing, it’s about learning how to bring in more light. When you embody more light, you experience new growth, strength and love. It’s a practice of raising your energetic vibration and the result is healing for yourself, others and our planet. After all, our greatest gift to ourselves and the world is the gift of our own healing.

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