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Demystifying Your Life Purpose

Your Brain Isn't the Right Organ to Guide You to Your Purpose

Many years ago I was working at a soul sucking job feeling completely stressed and exhausted. It didn’t take a genius to realize that the tasks I did for 8 hours a day didn’t align with who I was or my innate gifts and talents. One day I had simply had enough of this 40 hour a week misery and I set out on a mission to find my purpose.

What I didn’t understand was that my purpose wasn’t something I’d arrive at using my logic and reason. I mistakenly thought I could use my rational mind to decipher exactly why I came to this planet, what specific tasks I came here to do and what the right environment for these tasks looked like. Frankly, I was using the same approach one would use to land a job found on a recruiting site, complete with an outline of job responsibilities and pay range.

This was my news flash! The brain is the wrong organ to guide you when it comes to your life purpose. You need to connect to your heart in order to discern the utterings of the spirit. In fact, your brain is going to be your biggest barrier to getting yourself aligned with what you’re meant to do because it’s going to bring up all of your limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities. It will be the voice telling you that you’re going to fail, that it’s not safe, and that you don’t have what it takes to live your dreams.

Your Head and Your Heart Must Align

In retrospect, it isn’t surprising that as soon as I set the intention of aligning myself with my purpose I sunk into the darkest funk I’d ever been in. The reason for this was because my limiting beliefs and fear far out weighed the dreams and passions of my spirit. In other words, my head didn’t align with my heart and to make matters worse, my head was bossy, fearful and negative. Interestingly, the message that kept coming to me loud and clear was, “Work from the inside out.” So I began the process of removing the garbage in my belief system that was preventing me from aligning with my purpose to a greater degree.

Think of a rosebud getting ready to blossom. It opens from the inside out. If someone comes along and tries to pry those petals open forcing the flower to bloom it’s not going to work very well. You too are like the rosebud working from the inside out and releasing your insecurities, old hurts and all the limiting beliefs that stop you from opening to your most authentic self in order to express your purpose. All the garbage within creates an inner clutter that blocks the flow of your spirit trying to guide you. Again, if I put words to the inner clutter, it says, “You’re not safe, there’s not enough money or love,” and that, “You are simply not enough!” This is in direct conflict with the purpose you’re reaching for that’s aligned with love, ease and a deep satisfaction with life.

To What Degree Will You Live Your Purpose?

Your purpose is something that you can’t help but live. The only question is, to what degree will you say, “Yes” to it. You can’t help but find ways to inject your gifts and talents into daily life because you’re hard wired this way. If you’re a creative soul working as manager, you might just be inserting your creativity into how your team reaches it’s sales targets or perhaps you’re the neighbour down the street who uplifts everyone with your friendly conversation. As you free yourself from the stronghold of your rational mind, you’ll naturally begin to align more and more with your purpose. It’s an ongoing process not a destination.

Clues to Finding Your Life Purpose

If you’re ready to say, “Yes” to your life’s purpose in a bigger way but have no idea how to begin, you can start by paying attention to your gifts and talents. Those things that come naturally to you are clues as to what you’re meant to be doing. Also pay attention to what makes you feel passionate and inspired, like you’ve lost all track of time, because, your soul’s purpose should feel like playtime. If you don’t know what the answers to these questions are, simply ask the people closest to you. They can easily tell you what topics of conversation make your face light up and what things you’re good at that they appreciate you for.

Lastly, most people believe that when they’re aligned with their purpose they should be able to make a living from it just like a job. This isn’t necessarily the case for everyone but if you’re one of those people who wants to say, “Yes” to your purpose in a big enough way to make it your livelihood, you’d better get to work! You cannot live your purpose with a lot of inner clutter going on. A life purpose isn’t something that you fake until you make it. It's about opening up the rosebud within you to become your most loving, authentic and unencumbered self and then watching yourself and your life blossom.

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