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Not Fitting In: Where Evolution Begins

Through the years of teaching Reiki there has been one issue that I have seen over and over again. Countless teary-eyed participants have confessed their pain over not fitting in. They’ve felt like outsiders all of their lives and they hurt over not being part of the group. I can’t help but smile compassionately when I hear this admission. What my budding Reiki practitioners aren’t realizing is that not fitting in is actually a gift and is just what is needed to be an amazing Reiki practitioner. Scientists say that our universe is expanding, and if the universe is expanding and evolving then it only stands to reason, that we’re evolving also. The thing with evolution is that it sometimes comes with growing pains. Throughout history there has always been leaders and visionaries who have led the way to new ways of thinking and living on our planet. These folks have had the courage to be different--to blaze a new trail--despite the trials, tribulations and resistance they’ve encountered. The people pushing the limits of evolution don’t fit in. They simply don’t resonate with old patterns of thinking and behaving because its in their nature to be a proponent for change. I’ve often said through my own pain and frustration, “I feel like I’m from another planet.” Its not easy living in a world that doesn’t resonate with how you think and feel, but perhaps it can be viewed in a different light. There’s nothing wrong with you, in fact, quite the contrary. You’re ahead of the game, the leader of the pack and its time to have courage and blaze a new trail. So if you’re anything like me, where you sometimes feel like you’re from another planet, its because you’ve come here to create a new planet. Fight the impulse to fit into the group and put a lid on who you really are. Instead embrace your authentic self. The key is being ok with who you are. I mean really ok with who you are. I’m not talking about the superficial stuff where you’re ok with your looks, weight, how much money you make or with what you do for a living. I’m talking about being so ok with you that you’re loving and accepting yourself to a degree that you’ve never imagined. A degree that you’re willing to take risks, boldly be yourself, and allow your presence to fill up a room--not with arrogance (which is simply an overcompensation for a lack of self love) but with an acknowledgement of how powerful, loving and amazing human beings are--including you. As for my new Reiki practitioners, in order to be an amazing healer you’ll need to think outside the box. Energy healing is not the go to treatment when someone is sick. Its not the social norm and to think like everyone else is not going to be helpful. You’re already out on the cutting edge so stop trying to fit in and enjoy the path that’s not so trodden.

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