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Empaths: Evidence of Our Spiritual Evolution

Does Being an Empath Have to Be Difficult? There are many articles written about empaths but unfortunately most of the literature only speaks about managing the negative effects rather than maximizing the benefits. Empaths have a heightened ability to sense the energy around them and what makes it really challenging is that they often don’t realize they are feeling and reacting to the people and environment around them. They may feel sad, anxious or overwhelmed with no rational explanation as to why they feel this way. They may take on other people's emotional upset or even experience the physical pain of another person when they’re in close proximity to them. Experiencing anxiety in a crowd or having medical issues that don't fit the typical textbook descriptions are common issues for these sensitive souls. What most empaths don’t realize is that they don’t have to be powerless recipients of the unpleasant energy around them but what they do need is to understand what’s actually happening energetically and how they can use their sensitivity for their benefit. Empaths Have a Greater Awareness of the Energies Around Them The truth is that we all have the ability to sense people's energy. If this were not the case, we would not have sayings such as, "You could cut the tension with a knife." Everyone knows what this means and what it's like to feel tension in a room that is palpable. It just so happens that some people have a greater awareness of subtle energies and an ability to tune into this non-physical data, which is commonly known as an empath. The non-physical data I’m referring to is energy. Anyone who has ever taken a Reiki workshop from me knows that energy is easy to manipulate. Unlike physical matter, it shifts quickly. The difference can be likened to calling a friend on your phone rather than getting in your car and driving to chat with them in person. The sound vibrations from the phone travel through time and space much faster and very differently than with physical matter. Just as the applied technology of sound waves has added a huge level of convenience to life, so can the application of empathic abilities add a level of ease, connection and satisfaction to life. Being an Empath Is a Gift Being very open and attuned to energy comes with great advantages. Although empaths can be affected by energy that feels unpleasant, they also have the ability to manipulate it for positive results. When they perplex physicians by their unusual illnesses that don’t respond well to standard treatments, they typically respond very favourably to energy treatments such as Reiki, the Emotional Freedom Technique and homeopathy. Not only do non-invasive therapies work well for them but they're more adept at hearing their inner guidance and often experience strong discomfort when something doesn't feel right. Most empaths are at least partially aware of their ability to tune into the energy around them but what they often aren’t aware of is their ability to tune it out. What empaths need more than anything is to simply understand their gifts and how to use them for their maximum benefit. Empaths Are Evidence of Our Evolution Our human race is evolving. We can see evidence of this in our rapid technological advances but this is only one aspect of evolution. We’re lagging behind with our spiritual (non-physical or energetic) intelligence. As a holistic wellness facilitator, I’ve noticed the rapid advancement of intuitive gifts and consciousness in clients over a very short period of time, yet as a collective group, we have put far less effort into harnessing our spiritual evolution than on our scientific and technological advancements. This lopsided focus leaves us in a precarious position. We have the ability to mass destruct or feed the world, the determining factor lies within our spiritual intelligence. We need to start paying attention to this phenomenon called energy and use it for our personal good and the good of all life on our planet. Essentially, being an empath is evidence of our spiritual evolution. Its not a problem, but rather, a precious gift. If you’re interested in learning more about how energy works, check out my Reiki I and II workshops. For an in-depth look at navigating the world of energy, try the Advanced Healing Workshop (Reiki II certification required).

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