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Living With Purpose, Impact & Joy: A Healing Balm for a Hurting Planet

What Is Your Purpose In Life?

Many of us feel like we're missing something when it comes to figuring out what our vocation is in life. We want to make a difference. We long for more meaning. We want to make an impact, but the answers we're looking for--that perfect thing that we should be doing--seems to elude us and that deep sense of satisfaction we long for is just beyond our reach.

What if I told you that its not as hard as you think to make your greatest contribution, share your innate gifts and live with impact? You're probably wondering right about now what on earth you'd be doing to create this kind of impact, but its not about doing at all, its about the energy you emit. Its about opening your heart and learning to live joyfully.

The Secret to Living With Impact

For decades scientists have known that everything is energy. It's no secret in the 21st century that our thoughts and emotions emit electromagnetic frequencies that affect the world around us.

The work of researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, clearly demonstrates how matter is affected by the energetic frequencies of thoughts and feelings. The late Dr. Emoto photographed water particles and then exposed them to energetic frequencies such as loving or hateful intentions. He would then photograph the particles again to find that their molecular structures had changed. Positive frequencies such as love or gratitude typically created symmetrical snowflake-like patterns while negative intentions created chaotic patterns.

You Are More Powerful Than You Think

Studies such as these suggest that we are much more powerful than we realize and its less about what we do but how we think and feel. Science is showing us that the energetic vibrations we emit affect the people around us, our physical health and the collective consciousness. We have the ability to influence in ways we never knew and the ripple effect of this is exponential. The question is, how do we consciously use our energy to create these powerful healing vibrations? Leveraging the Power of the Heart The answer is simple and it has to do with opening our hearts. The heart has the strongest electro-magnetic field of the body so it stands to reason then that the emotions of the heart are also the strongest. Most emotions are a product of our minds, or more specifically, our thoughts and beliefs. For instance, happiness is an emotion we feel when something good is happening in our lives. A wage increase is good so therefore we're happy or we lose a job and feel scared and upset. Heart emotions aren't regulated by the logic and reason of the mind. Joy, for example, comes from the depths of the heart. For instance, a newborn baby can cause a mother to feel tremendous joy despite the fact that she is exhausted and in pain after giving birth. Emotions of the Heart Heal Our Planet

Emotions generated from the heart are the strongest, most positive and healing vibrations we can emit. Its profound to realize that our most pleasant feelings--joy, peace, love and even gratitude--heal our planet. These powerful vibrations emanating from our hearts become part of our the collective consciousness that help to neutralize the pain and suffering of our planet. Opening our hearts doesn't have to leave us feeling exposed, fearful and vulnerable. Its a simple process of changing our thinking habits, clearing out old pain, and applying love and acceptance with ourselves until we can't help but want to share it with everyone. Not only does it feel amazing to open our hearts but it naturally aligns us with our deepest longings and passions. We organically begin to savour moments, cherish random connections with others and take in the beauty of life. We can't help but to find that sweet spot where we show up in the world using our gifts and talents, creating impact and finding deep satisfaction with what we are doing. The only difference is that our approach is no longer from our rational minds, but rather, we allow our hearts to guide us and that makes all the difference.

If you want to learn more about how our energy heals, look for my next Reiki II workshop.

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