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7 Ways that Becoming a Reiki Practitioner Has Changed My Life

1. Ability to Heal Others

It’s absolutely amazing that I can encourage healing anywhere at any time. It feels incredible getting on a plane and helping the person next to me get over their motion sickness, having a dog come sit on my lap because they want healing, holding my partner’s hand and feeling Reiki energy coming through, or putting my hand on a friends’ knee after she twisting it. Reiki is so easy to use and comes in handy in a pinch!

2. Enhanced Intuition

After becoming a Reiki practitioner I noticed that my intuition was heightened. I feel more connected to my inner guidance and am surprised at times by the wisdom and insights that come to me.

3. Ability to Heal Myself

I love having the ability to give myself Reiki. One day I was on a trip when I started to get a very sore tummy. I happened to be in a movie theatre, so as I sat there watching the movie, I gave myself Reiki. 30 minutes later, I was able to enjoy the show pain free without having to ask my friend to take me home.

4. Protection

Reiki is a very protective energy. Many people report that after their first Reiki attunement*, visiting environments like hospitals don’t leave them feeling drained and sick like they used to feel. For myself, I feel like I’m walking around in an orb of light knowing that I am protected from any dark energy.

5. Improved Artistic Ability

I had an art business at the time of my second Reiki attunement*. I had just happened to finish a double portrait immediately prior to my class and had another double portrait booked immediately after my class. After I completed the second drawing, I was astonished as to the subtle improvements in the contrast and shading. Literally overnight, my gift had became more polished and the only thing I could attribute it to was the Reiki workshop. (pictures below - left is before and right is after)

6. Enhanced Spiritual Connection

Although I have always felt an affinity for spirituality, I feel much more connected since I have embarked on this healing journey. I feel like I’m connected to something much bigger - that I’m part of a grander plan and it’s not just about my little insignificant life. As odd as it may sound, I now feel very loved and cared for by my angels or other unseen guides.

7. More Meaning & Purpose

I first decided to take Reiki because I saw how it helped a friend of mine who had been struggling with terrible insomnia. After one treatment, her sleep problem vanished permanently. I took my first level Reiki simply out of curiousity. Looking back now, I can see how my entire life has changed because of the Reiki. It was only months later, where I felt an inner nudging to get my level two. Since then, the direction I’ve taken is vastly different than what I anticipated and I feel like I’ve found meaning and purpose in my life that I didn’t have before. Probably the most notable difference was that shortly after I received my first Reiki attunement, I began to follow my heart’s desires instead of doing what I thought I should do. Although it’s been challenging at times, I now feel like I’m living instead of merely existing! My life has become an adventure and if I died today, I would look back with no regrets.

*An attunement is the process of tweaking one’s energy to make them a Reiki practitioner.

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