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EFT--Only 2 Sessions!

"Dawn is fantastic! She is warm, welcoming and committed to helping you work through whatever it is you need, without any judgement. In just two sessions we made incredible headway on long standing issues I'd been struggling with. I can't even say I understand how it works but it does. Come to the EFT session open-minded and give it 100%. When you leave, you leave lighter. Dawn has a unique way of breaking through plateaus you may have hit with other conventional healing methods. Recommended!"

--Brittany N, Regina


Distance Reiki for Remarkable Healing

"My mother's kidney was damaged in a life saving surgery. They told her that the damage was irreparable and that she would eventually need dialysis. Dawn gave her about 10 distance Reiki treatments. After each treatment she had more energy and was able to breath better. At her last doctor's appointment they downgraded her from stage 5 kidney disease to stage 4 and took her off the dialysis list. The dietician, nurse and doctor were all shocked at her improvement and kept questioning her about what she had done."

--Melinda B, Mississauga



"I have to admit I initially engaged with healthy skepticism, but the proof is in the results. Like some of the other reviewers, I too feel an incredible sense of BEING when I leave Dawn. She's magical, a real gift that I feel so lucky to have found. Not only have my sessions in person been effective, but via Skype as well. I am recommending Dawn to all my family and friends."

--Katarina S, Toronto

EFT for Anxiety & Autoimmune Symptoms


"Dawn is absolutely amazing! She was able to resolve a fair amount of my severe anxiety in one session!  I was having symptoms related to what the doctors thought was MS and they are nearly gone!"  

--Kristy, Regina

Distance EFT & Personal Mentoring for Anxiety & Depression

“When I first met Dawn I was in the middle of a major depression with severe anxiety. I was a wreck. Someone suggested I try a session with Dawn. From that first phone call, my life began to transform. Today, a year later, I have my life back again. My depression has lifted, I am weening off medication and I no longer suffer the debilitating anxiety that had taken over my life. Dawn is a uniquely gifted practitioner with a huge loving heart.“

--Catherine, Montreal

Reiki Session

"Dawn gave me a Reiki treatment that can only be described as deep healing. She is a true healer. You can feel it from the time you get to your appointment until you leave. The warmth coming from her goes deep and allowed me to release deeply rooted issues. I recommend her to anyone looking for true healing. You will feel the results." 

--L.S, Regina

EFT to Break Through Past Hurts

"Another intense, effective Skype session with Dawn. Within 5 minutes she helped me pinpoint 2 important traumatic events. Within 45 minutes we cleared 3 decades of emotional pain that has been holding me back in all areas. I feel lighter, more free, ready, able and willing to tackle more on my own of this gigantic emotional pain I was holding. Dawn is fresh eyes, helping hands, open heart altogether!"

L.K, Saskatchewan

EFT & Mentoring

"Dawn is indeed a light in my life. I learn so much from our sessions. Her gentle guidance leaves me feeling whole spiritually with a true sense of purpose."

Molly. W, Saskatchewan

Reiki for a Traumatic Birth

"Reiki became a part of our life after the traumatic birth of my son. I was suffering from major PTSD and he was dealing with noticeable physical stress. I was referred to Dawn by a friend and was completely overwhelmed at how good I felt after my first session.  


Dawn had suggested that Reiki might also help with my son's injuries. Without hesitation, I booked him in to see her the very next day. I wasn't sure how he would react to Reiki and how he'd even sit still long enough. I was impressed at how he just let Dawn do her thing... when he had enough, he gently pushed her hand away. It was like he knew this was going to help him. He had an awesome sleep that night and to my amazement, he began crawling the very next day. This was a huge milestone for us!

I look back in awe at this amazing shift within both of us and how Reiki helped us to move forward emotionally and physically. Thanks Dawn!"

--Kaylee, Regina

Reiki & EFT Combo

"My intention was to have a Reiki treatment from Dawn which she did--and was very effective. Following with EFT gave me understanding of my issues and gave me a tool for working on them. Such a gift." 

--Sheila K, Saskatchewan

“The greatest gift we can ever give to ourselves and others is the gift of our own healing.”


--Dawn Kress

Certified International Mentor & Wellness Facilitator

EFT Changed My Life, Audio

--R.G, Regina

Terms & Conditions

The information provided on this website is not intended to replace professional medical/psychological advice or treatment.   If you have any health concerns, please check with your doctor or mental health practitioner prior to using this information.  By using any techniques, processes or information provided by Dawn Kress, you agree to accept complete responsibility for your own health and well being.  If you do not agree to these terms, you agree to simply discontinue use of all information, techniques & processes. 

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