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Empowered Empath Workshop

Do you know what your energy is doing?

If you could see the energetic exchanges you have with other human beings, you'd probably be surprised.

If you knew how to manage these exchanges, you'd likely feel relieved. 

If you could CHANGE your interactions with others to something really positive, you'd be empowered. 

This course is not only about becoming empowered as a human being but as a spiritual being as well. Whether you take on too much responsibility for others, second guess your inner guidance or are just too sensitive to the energies around you, this weekend will provide the wisdom along with a blend of healing tools to take empowerment to the next level. 

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to the World of Energy: Empaths, Intuition & the Collective Consciousness

  • Gifts & Challenges of an Empath: Tools to Protect, Release & Dissolve Negative Energy

  • Healthy Energetic Boundaries: Cut Cords, Stop Energetically Financing others & Find a Loving Balance of Give & Take

  • The Empowered Empath: Finding Your True North: Inner Guidance Made Simple

  • What is an empath's higher purpose? Insights, inspiration and new tools to navigate the changing energetic climate on our planet.

Coming as an online workshop!


The Empowered Life
After lunch Dawn will teach the need-to-knows for empowerment. Learn how you give away your power and how to reclaim it. If you struggle with feeling exhausted, people pleasing, second guessing yourself, putting your needs last or have trouble speaking up, this class is a must. Reflections and exercises will strengthen boundaries while helping you heal your relationships and become more loving towards yourself and others.

The Mystical World of Energy
Dawn will start out the day with an introduction to the world of energy. This class is a field guide for those sensitive souls we call empaths. It speaks to the gifts and challenges of empaths, explains how exactly intuition works and teaches the importance of managing your energetic environment so that it doesn’t manage you.  
Finding Your True North: Inner Guidance Made Simple
Do you get confused between your fearful head chatter and real intuition? Dawn will provide some simple tips and tricks to decipher which is what so you can allow your inner compass to guide you. 

Energetic Boundaries: Who’s in Your Yard?
In the next segment, you’ll learn how to identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy boundaries and how to stop energetically financing others even when you’re dealing with a skilled energy vampire. You’ll begin to understand how to find the hole in your fence and patch it up so you can enjoy a loving and respectful balance of give and take in all of your relationships.

How Do You know When Something Outside Yourself Is Affecting You?

One of the telltale signs is that you have no idea why you’re upset or agitated. Your thoughts should match your feelings. When you’re agitated because you’re fearful for a loved one who is sick, your thoughts are in sync with your feelings. When you arrive at the office in a great mood and suddenly feel anxious and exhausted, without any clue as to why, there’s a good chance you’re being affected by energy that is outside of yourself. When there’s no logical explanation for why you’re feeling the way you do, 95% of the time it’s because it’s not yours.
Other indications that you’re being influenced by something outside of yourself are as follows:

  • Not feeling like yourself or feeling really off without knowing why

  • Feeling like you’ve ‘caught’ someone else’s negativity

  • Noticing that your thoughts and emotions aren’t typically how you would think or feel

  • Feeling repulsed by your passions and interests

  • Feeling chronic body pains or illness that had a sudden onset

Etheric Connections
In this segment, Sarah will guide you on how to intuitively find energetic cords, hooks and other unhealthy energetic connections you have with others and show you how to remove them. 
The Gift of the Empowered Empath
Finally, Dawn will discuss how to keep your energy field safe from unhealthy intrusions and how this is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and our planet. Not only will you walk away from this talk understanding how to release and protect yourself from negative energy but you’ll also feel inspired and empowered to make a loving impact on our planet.

This powerful visualization is from the Empowered Empath Workshop. This exercise can help with any energetic boundary issues you're struggling with including:


Disconnecting from unhealthy relationship dynamics

Being drained by others

Cutting cords and removing energetic hooks

Protecting your energy field from becoming a dumping ground for other's pain and negativity

Psychic attack

Anger, criticism, envy, jealousy and other negative emotions that are directed at you

Intentional or unintentional curses

Spells, witchcraft, bad medicine, voodoo, etc.

Spirit attachments or infestations

Any unhealthy energetic influences

When you do this exercise, really mean it with all your heart and commit yourself to light and love. There is a lot of negativity out there and sometimes it's bigger than us. By rooting yourself in light every day, you will be accessing Source energy to help you transform darkness into light. 

For more help or information, please contact Dawn directly. 

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