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Energetic Boundaries Visualization

This powerful visualization is from the Empowered Empath Workshop. This exercise can help with any energetic boundary issues you're struggling with including:


Disconnecting from unhealthy relationship dynamics

Being drained by others

Cutting cords and removing energetic hooks

Protecting your energy field from becoming a dumping ground for other's pain and negativity

Psychic attack

Anger, criticism, envy, jealousy and other negative emotions that are directed at you

Intentional or unintentional curses

Spells, witchcraft, bad medicine, voodoo, etc.

Spirit attachments or infestations

Any unhealthy energetic influences

When you do this exercise, really mean it with all your heart and commit yourself to light and love. There is a lot of negativity out there and sometimes it's bigger than us. By rooting yourself in light every day, you will be accessing Source energy to help you transform darkness into light. 

For more help or information, please contact Dawn directly. 

Energetic Boundaries Visualization - Empowered Empath Workshop
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