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Light of My Soul

A Fascinating Inner Journey with the Divine Consciousness - Online Series

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“Remember the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.” –Rumi​

Contemporary spirituality is imbued with confusion and misconceptions. We practice yoga, meditate, or read personal growth books, and say we’re “spiritual,” yet our hearts are restless—searching for meaning and longing for fulfillment. Although our spiritual practices are invaluable, they don’t guarantee a passage into the Guhā (the secret cave of the heart), where a sense of deep connection, contentment and peace reside.
True spirituality is not a mental understanding of the Divine Consciousness that governs our universe, but rather an intimate knowing and experience of it.
Many of us have been wounded by religion and have conflicting ideologies about who and what God is. Is God a parental figure who grants our prayers or are we all co-creators of our universe? Is the Divine intimately personal, vengeful, loving, or impersonal and subject to universal laws? Until we find ourselves overflowing with peace, joy and unconditional love, then there is no doubt that there are deeper realms of our secret cave to explore and rich mystical truths to uncover. It’s one thing to read a book or take a class on spirituality, but it’s quite another thing to experience your secret cave for yourself.
Whether you’ve been plunged into darkness, want to explore curiously, or are really looking to elevate your consciousness, this online series will explore your personal relationship with the Divine, offering tools and insights to heal you, deepen your spiritual experience, expand your Soul, and empower you from within.
Tools to expand your Soul include: Self reflections & Soul reflections, Retreating to your inner cave, Soul prayers and Sacred listening.

“A spiritual journey is when you kick your ego to the backseat and give your Soul the keys to the car.” –Dawn

Class 1: Exploring the Divine
We will reflect on our resistance to the Divine and explore our conflicting perceptions about who and what “God” is. We will attempt to reconcile outdated ideologies about God and religion that have wounded us and keep us separate from Unconditional Love and Light. Could it be possible that most of our human suffering can be attributed to the limitations we've put upon our relationship with Light?

Class 2: Powerless, Powerful or Empowered?
The conflicts we face on planet earth have everything to do with an imbalance of power and our ability to balance our yin/yang or feminine and masculine energies. In this class, we will explore human power dynamics and learn how to bring our personal power into balance so that we live from a more empowered and loving place.

Class 3: Our Divine Conflict
Spirituality always comes with Divine paradox—we are humans in separate bodies, yet energetically and spiritually we are one. This class begins to explore the duality and conflict between the ego and Soul. We will reflect on how our ego’s hold us back in our spiritual journey and how to begin relinquishing the ego’s need for control in favour of aligning with the ease and flow of the Soul. Finally, we’ll learn about the universal laws of the Soul and how to leverage the power of Soul prayers to stream light and healing.

Class 4: The Ascension to Light 
We are much more powerful than we realize, but the choice is ours when it comes to how we use power. This class will look at forgiveness—one of the most profound acts of love, healing and transformation. You will learn how to raise your vibration easily by disconnecting your energies from unhealthy dynamics with others, which is what forgiveness really is. Finally, you’ll begin to understand how to heal yourself, others and our planet using Soul prayers and by accessing Divine Light.

Class 5: Accessing the Divine Within 
This class will take us to our final destination, the Guhā or secret cave of the heart. We will look at what Guhā really means and begin to understand how to access that powerful Divine Light that we are intimately connected to. The inward journey into the Soul is fascinating and rich with wisdom. We will also inspect the current landscape of our world, how the earth, and all life on it, is undergoing a major spiritual shift, and how we can best navigate that shift into a new era.

  • Classes will run for 5 weeks. Each class will be 2 - 2.5 hours.

This powerful visualization is from the Empowered Empath Workshop. This exercise can help with any energetic boundary issues you're struggling with including:


Disconnecting from unhealthy relationship dynamics

Being drained by others

Cutting cords and removing energetic hooks

Protecting your energy field from becoming a dumping ground for other's pain and negativity

Psychic attack

Anger, criticism, envy, jealousy and other negative emotions that are directed at you

Intentional or unintentional curses

Spells, witchcraft, bad medicine, voodoo, etc.

Spirit attachments or infestations

Any unhealthy energetic influences

When you do this exercise, really mean it with all your heart and commit yourself to light and love. There is a lot of negativity out there and sometimes it's bigger than us. By rooting yourself in light every day, you will be accessing Source energy to help you transform darkness into light. 

For more help or information, please contact Dawn directly. 

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