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True empowerment draws you into a place of love, light and alignment with your Soul.

More than ever before, people are searching for meaning in their lives. With our challenging world events, there's never been a greater need for healing of the body, mind, and especially, the spirit.


Dawn has been a leader in holistic health for almost 20 years. As a personal, professional and spiritual mentor, she helps you access the power of your Soul to overcome life's most difficult challenges and experience deep personal transformation.


Dawn uses a powerful combination of mentoring and energy healing, including Reiki and EFT tapping, and has been interviewed by CBC Radio and Global TV for her unconventional approach to achieving success in any area of life. She brings a depth of insight from her own walk through adversity, health crises and dark nights.

Dawn's insightful, passionate and innovative approach will impact you in an unforgettable way. “In one session, she will absolutely make a difference in your life.”  —Kristy, RMT, Regina

Dawn Kress, Mentor & Wellness Facilitator

“Healing is a process of releasing obstacles and pain while gently embracing

a more effortless way of being."

CBC Interview - Change From the Inside Out
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