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EFT (Tapping)/Mentoring


Emotional Freedom Technique

How the body, mind and spirit interconnect is critical to effective healing. EFT (Tapping) is a powerful tool to re-frame the thoughts and release emotions that cause pain, stress or create obstacles on your path. Dawn gently and intuitively guides you to a healthier mindset so you can achieve your goals. Her EFT/Mentoring sessions include energetic support and healing through distance Reiki. 

EFT can be used for virtually anything including:

  • Anxiety, depression, phobias

  • Chronic pain or illness

  • Trauma and childhood abuse

  • Chronic pain or illness

  • Empowerment, self esteem and confidence

  • Relationship issues 

  • Performance coaching, fear of public speaking


"Every experience we've ever lived is written in our bodies." Fr. Pat Murray, Ireland

All physical matter is energy first. Reiki is a technique that involves correcting imbalances in the qi (life force energy). Reiki heals painful and chaotic energetic stories that still live within us and disrupt our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health. Reiki can even reach back in time and heal the energetic disruptions we've inherited from our ancestors that show up as predispositions to illness or unwanted character traits.

Reiki can be used for virtually anything including:

  • Stress reduction and relaxation

  • Reduction in pain 

  • Sleep disorders

  • Reduction of side effects from anesthesia, radiation and chemotherapy

  • Bringing a sense of peace to the terminally ill

  • increased sense of well being

  • Healing of body, mind and spirit