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About Dawn

Twenty some years ago, I found myself sick and afraid. I did not understand that my perpetual fear, low self esteem and disregard for my Soul’s yearnings, had led to the break down of my physical body. It was only after meeting a brilliant holistic practitioner that I understood the important interconnection between the body, mind and spirit.


I watched this woman defy all odds, helping people heal from every sort of illness. She mentored me back to wellness and a new life, complete with self esteem, spiritual wisdom and the healthiest constitution I had ever had in my life.


Holistic healing—healing of the body, mind & spirit—became a central focus of my life. I began to view my body as a road map, showing me where my mind and spirit weren’t in alignment. One of the most profound pieces of wisdom I picked up in those early years, was the understanding that when our thoughts and beliefs aren’t aligned with truth, we will hurt. It took me a few years of exploring my emotional pain before I realized that if I wasn’t stupid, a bother and unlovable, then the truth must be that I’m a beautiful and radiant light, just like every other Soul on this planet. Our human suffering comes from this state of unknowing.


As I continued on my healing journey shedding one layer of lies and pain at a time, I began to feel freer and freer; I was learning to embrace my light. Since then, I continue the ongoing journey of embracing more light and passionately assist others to embrace their own uniquely beautiful and radiant light.    

Dawn Kress has been a leader in holistic health, healing & wellness for over 15 years. As a Certified International Mentor and Wellness Facilitator, she has helped countless individuals transform their lives. Dawn specializes in trauma recovery offering presentations and one on one sessions for EMS, police and other first responders. She has been interviewed by CBC radio and Global TV for her unconventional approach to achieving success in any area of life. She has offices in Regina and Toronto where she does in-person appointments as well as a variety of workshops relating to personal and professional empowerment and wellness. She is also available for distance sessions.

“EFT with Dawn has helped me incredibly - it is changing my life! I have made huge strides in my self-confidence and after every visit with Dawn I notice more positive changes in myself. I am so grateful for the time Dawn has spent with me and think that if anyone is considering booking an EFT session, they should DO IT! Nothing but good things will come your way.”

--E.A, Regina